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New release: You're not in my dreams

The first one tree road single release is out now! The single features two versions of the song You’re not in my dreams.

Listen now on Spotify or iTunes, or check out the lyric video.


Playing a cover of The Common Linnets song ‘Love goes on’ at the funeral service of their grandmother, José van der Wal and Rob van Dalen discover that her voice and his guitar complete each other perfectly. After a number of live performances, playing mainly cover songs, they start working on recording their own songs. Of those songs, ‘You’re not in my dreams’ is first released in 2019. Their upcoming album ‘one tree road’ follows later this year. One tree road’s music can be described as acoustic pop music. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes uplifting, it can always be traced back to that perfect combination of voice and guitar.


You’re not in my dreams – lyric video

Village – Cam (cover)

One tree road – Qmusic background music

World Inside Qmusic

World Inside – Qmusic background music


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